Friday, January 24, 2014

Male Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery For Men- Marin County, CA 

Male facelift surgery has become more popular over the years.  Men wanting to look younger in the work force, recently divorced or just wanting to look refreshed and sporty.  There are many reasons and all are valid in the mentally healthy person. 

Male facelift rejuvenation takes special expertise and experience.  The asethetics are much different between men and women.  The basics are:
1. The face should not be pulled too tight.
2. The hairline position must not be altered.
3.  A strong jaw line is perferred
4.  If a eyebrow lift is performed, it must not be too high.
5.  If an eyelid lift is done the eyelid crease show should be no greater than 5     .
     millimeters or it will femanize the eyelids.
6. The post op complication of bleeding is more common with men.

These are a few salient feature in facelift for men. In selecting a plastic surgeon, he or she should have experience with male facelift surgery and show photografts of before and after of their patients.  To view more of Dr Delgado's photo go to or Call Today 415-894161

Male Facelift Surgery Marin County
Before facelift

Male facelift Marin County
After facelift