Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saving Your Fat and Stem Cells Offers Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Fat Cell Preservation for Facial Volume Replacement

Fat and stem cells are the ideal volume replacement for loss of facial volume.  Facial injection with synthetic material is the second most non invasive cosmetic surgery performed after Botox. The cost of these temporary materials are significant.  This material is great for facial lines but for increased facial volume fat injection with your own fat has no replacement.  Dr. Delgado compliments many of his facelift patients with volume replacement with the use of your own fat and stem cells.

Aging is skin damage and lose of facial volume.  The photo below shows the difference.  

Facial Volume Loss - Miguel Delgado, MD-Cosmetic Surgery
Facial Volume loss
The facial volume loss can be subtle or more obvious as one ages.  Many patients want to look younger for a variety of reasons.  There is no right or wrong reason and each is very personal.  But, one thing is for sure people lose volume in their face as they age.


AdiCyte is a new company that realizes the value of fat and stem cells. They have come up with a program to freeze the fat and stem cells until it is needed.
The Process  
The fat is taken in surgery or just under local anesthesia.  Often times Dr. Delgado is doing a surgical procedure and also injecting fat and sends more away to Adicyte for storage.  The fat is sent in 60ml or 240 ml containers to Adicyte in Arizona. The fat is processed, logged and frozen.  A storage fee is paid each year.  The fat is then sent on request in 25cc packets to be reinjected.  This needs to be timed with the delivery and injection.  We will inject the processed fat in less than 24.  Recent studies have shown that this process is equal to immediate  injection. I personally can not confirm this but will report in the future.  Call Today for a Consultation 415-898-4161 or email.